You can use our data in your own application using our API. A subscription and an API key are required to access the API. Sign up or contact us to find out more on how this works.

We are on SwaggerHub: https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/borism/api.sanctions.io/1.0
If you are using SAP you can try out our free ABAP client (that is the software is available for free, a (trial) subscription to our API is required):


# API Overview

Our server at api.sanctions.io uses a self-signed SSL server certificate. Please make sure you trust this certificate when you want to use HTTPS.

### Search Parameters

##### sources
Searches only the lists specified by the Source Abbreviation.
https://api.sanctions.io/search/?api_key={your key}&sources={csl_type}



#### name

Searches against the `name` and `alt_names` fields.
https://api.sanctions.io/search/?api_key={your key}&name={query}



#### fuzzy_name

Fuzzy name matching enables users to query a name and get usable results without knowing the exact spelling of an entry. It works by expanding queries to include results that are *fuzzily* similar to the given term, where similarity is defined by trigram distance.

Note: The fuzzy\_name parameter only works in tandem with name. Set `fuzzy_name=true` to utilize fuzzy name matching when searching against the `name` and `alt_names` fields. The default setting for `fuzzy_name` is false, which means the endpoint will only return exact matches.



#### address

Searches against fields in the `addresses` array.
https://api.sanctions.io/search/?api_key={your key}&address={query}



#### countries

Searches only entities whose `country`, `nationalities`, or `citizenships` fields match the country code based on ISO alpha-2 country codes. The country fields are found in the `addresses` arrays. This method allows you to search for multiple countries (plural) separated by commas but will only return one country (singular) per entity.
https://api.sanctions.io/search/?api_key={your key}&countries={country code}