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New server setup

We were born as a service for SAP customers, and as a SAP service having the default SSL port 443 with a self encrypted certificate makes a lot of sense because it removes the friction of rolling certificates but still gives the end to end encryption needed. But we are growing, and growth means making

Search fuzziness has supported fuzzy search for quite some time already, but today I’d like to introduce new feature which will allow our customers to tweak its’ output more precisely. A bit of theory So what is fuzzy search in the first place? When you’re searching for some name you might have it written in a

SAP client for sanction list screening

We have published a free ABAP client that implements the API. You can find all details here: The client is free and can be adopted and used in any SAP system that is based on the SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP, e.g. SAP ERP/Business Suite, S/4HANA, etc. You need a subscription or a free

Hello World! is now live for a couple of weeks already, and we have seen the first customers signing up and using our API! This is very exciting, and many thanks to our customers, and everyone who has supported us! Going forward, we will be using this blog to post updates about our API and the