Integrating with your CRM system (Part 2)

Your CRM system is the single source of truth for all your customer and business partner data and hence it is a great place for integrating your Sanctions screening process right there.
In this article we will explain how you can integrate a more complex Sanctions screening process and even use your CRM system as a simple case management tool without any coding.

Why OFAC Sanctions Compliance Is Important For Software Companies

Sanctions impose restrictions on commerce with specific individuals, entities, and states, and export controls impose limitations on the distribution of particular products and services, including software and applications.

This article explains why sanctions compliance is vital for software companies, the best practices in the industry, and examples for software companies that didn’t comply with sanctions regulations.

AML Guide for NGOs

All organizations must comply with applicable anti-money laundering regulations, including NGOs. Keep reading to learn more about the AML risks that NGOs face, as well as how they can combat them. 

Best Practices for your PEP Screening Process (Video)

PEP screening is an important aspect of Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulation. It involves validating a customer’s identity to determine if they are a PEP – a politically exposed person. While companies are of course not not prohibited from working with somebody on a PEP list, there are additional due diligence measures that are required. See what are the Best Practices in our short video below.

Search Fuzziness has supported fuzzy search for quite some time already, but today I’d like to introduce new feature which will allow our customers to tweak its’ output more precisely. A bit of theory So what is fuzzy search in the first place? When you’re searching for some name you might have it written in a […]

SAP client for sanction list screening

We have published a free ABAP client that implements the API. You can find all details here: The client is free and can be adopted and used in any SAP system that is based on the SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP, e.g. SAP ERP/Business Suite, S/4HANA, etc. You need a subscription or a free […]