Integrated Business Partner Screening for SAP®

Business Partner Screening, simple and cost-effective

Integrated Business Partner Screening for SAP®

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing regulations become increasingly important also for non-regulated Industries and require the implementation of robust Business Partner & Transaction Monitoring. 

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) laws apply to regulated businesses around the world, and failure to comply with these rules lead to costly penalties and sanctions. While these regulations are generally viewed in the scope of traditional financial institutions such as banks, they also become increasingly important for non-regulated Industries.

With our Sanctions Lists & Crime Data offering, helps Businesses to comply with increased regulatory requirements in a simple, reliable and cost effective way. 

Making Business Partner Screening simple and cost-effective for SAP® customers worldwide:

SAP® ERP and S/4 HANA systems are the centerpiece for many organizations and hold data on business partners (vendors, customers), and employees. Understanding with whom organizations conduct business, and complying with data privacy regulations but also trade restrictions at the same time is important to avoid compliance violations of either data privacy laws or KYC and AML requirements.
Our integration with SAP® enables to scan all business partner and employee data in SAP systems and check names against our large database of sanctioned parties and our crime database (Interpol, FBI).
We provide a free plug-in for your SAP system. Simply import our transport and immediately start scanning. The ABAP code is open source and available under a permissive BSD license which allows everyone to use and even modify our plug-in, adjusting it to your specific needs.

Reliable Data

Reliable Data from Global Watch Lists provides reliable and constantly updated data from global Sanctions, Crime and other Watch Lists
– ready for your Business Partner Screening & Transaction Monitoring in SAP®.

Global Sanctions Lists

Our Sanctions Database covers data from the most relevant Regions and Organizations such as OFAC, United Nations, European Union etc. and we constantly add new Sanctions Lists. Our database is updated every 15 minutes. See here a list of covered Sanctions lists.

Crime & Watch Lists

Our Crime Database covers more than 8,000 records from Interpol's Red Notices and FBI's Most Wanted List.

Simple Integration

Seamless Integration with SAP®

Integrate Sanctions & Crime Lists Screenings with your SAP® system using our simple to implement ABAP client. for SAP

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