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sanctions.io is a data company, so we think it is important to explain how we deal with data, both on our side and on the client’s side, and also how we provide control over the data to our customers.

Our data come from public sources, we collect, sanitize and store it in our database. When you do searches in our database we do not store what you have searched for. This information is yours and we take your data privacy rights very serious. We only keep track of how you searched for data, please see below an example of how a search request is stored in our system:

    “uuid”: “dec10df1-96a3-432a-9f8c-1c1ec85e6d9c”,
    “timestamp”: “2020-08-23T10:01:24.956286Z”,
    “search_query_json”: {
        “name”: “96d9632f363564cc3032521409cf22a852f2032eec099ed5967c0d000cec607a”,
        “address”: “5c9032822666385c61e69af371e57ac8ac6b8d36dff1faa2e00bdf1ec7ceb514”,
        “fuzziness”: “6b86b273ff34fce19d6b804eff5a3f5747ada4eaa22f1d49c01e52ddb7875b4b”,
        “fuzzy_name”: “e3b98a4da31a127d4bde6e43033f66ba274cab0eb7eb1c70ec41402bf6273dd8”,
        “place_of_birth”: “8be2978e343799a3747a31957706009d207d6a3de7978e63f00b2a41cc99355f”
    “is_pep”: false,
    “is_media”: false,
    “result_count”: 23,
    “page”: 1

As you can see in this example the fields name, address, fuzziness, fuzzy_name and place_of_birth do not contain clear text data but only hash values. We store HOW you searched but NOT WHAT you searched for.

This information is available in our historic endpoint https://api.sanctions.io/searches/historic/.
With this endpoint you can keep track of the searches you have performed. Remember to filter them to have the precise information you are looking for.

To be able to do searches a customer needs to have an active subscription plan. Tthe plan’s endpoint (https://api.sanctions.io/plans/) provides precise information about the plan they are subscribed to:

    “count”: 3,
    “next”: null,
    “previous”: null,
    “results”: [      
            “id”: “b26dc594-148a-4a91-9f45-72e99bcb4251”,
            “plan_name”: “Sanctions Plan”,
            “plan_amount”: “$399.00”,
            “expiration_reason”: null,
            “trial_start”: “2020-08-21T18:47:02Z”,
            “trial_end”: “2020-08-21T18:47:02Z”,
            “period_start”: “2020-08-21T18:47:02Z”,
            “period_end”: “2021-08-21T18:47:02Z”,
            “consumed_time_percentage”: “0.00”,
            “consumed_time_verbose”: “2 / 365”,
            “call_count”: 6,
            “calls_dropdown”: “/searches/historic?is_pep=False&is_media=False&timestamp__gte=2020-08-21T18:47:02+00:00”,
            “consumed_calls_percentage”: “3.25”,
            “consumed_calls_verbose”: “325 / 10000”,
            “is_active”: true,
            “is_trialling”: false

The field ‘calls_dropdown’ contains the number of searches that have been performed.

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