Terms and conditions

Updated Terms & Conditions

When starting a company the last thing on your mind is the legal side of it as the first priority is mostly product development and customer service. The 'legal stuff' will be taken care of later... and later means usually 'once we find someone who enjoys doing this' which is some really 'fuzzy' point in time in the future.

This works until the business grows and until you have your first larger customers (who tend to really read your conditions), then the legal side of things becomes a priority quickly.
So long story short, we thought it’s finally time to take a deeper look at our Terms & Conditions and update where we thought it makes sense for our customers and for our business.

New Uptime Guarantee

As you could read in our last blog post about our journey to improved uptime, we were working on stabilizing and improving our infrastructure. Since September 2020 we offer sanctions.io with a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all our customers and hence we now also added this to our Terms & Conditions.

Price and Feature changes

We are dedicated to continously improve our product to satisfy our customer’s requirements. As we develop our services we will keep you updated about any feature and/or price changes and will notify you at least 5 days before changes go into effect.

Service Availablility

We know that service availability is a serious concern for our customers and hence we are permanently working on improving our infrastrucure and uptime availability. In case we decide to sunset any feature of our service we will notify our customers at least 30 days before.

Customer commitment

We hope you will find these updates of our Terms & Conditions useful and please let us know in case there are any concerns or areas you think we could improve on. At sanctions.io we believe in fair and transparent terms for both parties.

You can find all our updated conditions in the ‘Legal’ section of our Knowledge Base.