Sanctions Lists & PEP Screening is the simple, cost effective and easy to integrate solution for your AML screening process.

Know Your Business Partners

Comply with legal Sanctions Lists & PEP screening requirements and protect your business.

API & SAP Integration

Quick Implementation into any system environment with our powerful API and SAP integration.

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Your simple AML compliance solution offers a comprehensive selection of the most relevant Sanctions Lists along with manually sourced PEP data from more than 60 countries. All this bundled into a simple and cost effective solution.

Sanctions Lists covers more than 15 different sanctions lists sources such as OFAC, UN, EU and many more Country specific lists.

Our database is updated on a real time basis and is available through a well documented API that includes a proprietary improved search algorithm helping reduce false positives.

List of all supported Sanctions Lists >

PEP Lists

For our Data of Politically Exposed Persons, we work with one of the most experienced data vendors in the market. 

95% of our PEP data are manually sourced based on an agenda of worldwide elections (both national and regional). All data are being reviewed and updated as soon as new election results are available. Our data also include people “close to PEPs”, such as diplomats etc. Available July 2020

More to come

In order to make your AML screening process with even more ‘bullet proof’, we are constantly working on including additional data sources.

Currently we are working on adding Adverse Media and Interpol’s "Most Wanted" list. Stay tuned...


Integration. Simple. has a well documented API which makes the integration into your system landscape very easy - and for SAP Customers we even offer a ‘ready to use’ integration right out of the box.

sanctions_app API

Our API allows a quick and seamless integration into your system environment.


SAP Integration

Our SAP integration makes available in any SAP environment.


Fair and straight forward pricing

Simplicity and Affordabilty are our guiding principles

Sanctions Lists

High Volume Scanning
$ 399 per 10k API calls
  • Sanctions Lists
  • Annual Subscription

PEP Data

Pre-Pay as you go
$ 499 per 2,000 API calls
  • High quality PEP data
  • Annual Subscription