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How it works

We continuously scan and collect data from all sanction lists of the United Nations, US, EU, and UK.
Free unlimited search: search our consolidated database using the search form on our website (registration is required).
API: subscribe to access our API from your own application.


Solution Brief


legalsanctionsSecure Your Business: Know Your Business Partners
Sanctioned party lists are issued by government agencies and contain entities with whom trade is prohibited by law.
timeNo Setup Time, Free Access
No costly implementation process, immediately start screening business partners on our website.


apiConsume Data Using Our API
Automated, real-time, cost-effective business partner screening in your own application using our data.
cloud_downloadFull Access, All Details (API)
Download our consolidated database of all lists and all data (requires API access).


plansSubscription Plans
Search on our website is free. API access requires a subscription plan (check pricing and sign up).
sap_silver_partner_r_scrnBusiness Partner Screening in SAP ERP
REMEDYNE provides out of the box business partner screening in SAP ERP. REMEDYNE is an SAP software partner.