Who we are

“sanctions.io is the simple, reliable and cost-effective solution for business partner screenings against global Sanctions, PEP & other Watchlists. Simple to integrate, reliable data & technology, cost-effective TCO”









Why we started sanctions.io

We think AML screening is broken: Intransparent pricing, underperforming technology that doesn't solve the actual pain points, and complicated contracts that don't adapt to the flexibility many customers need.

Our mission with sanctions.io is to provide a service that helps customers from regulated and also unregulated industries solve their screening challenges with fair conditions and transparent pricing. We are focusing on the essentials with our guiding principle "Less, but better".

Our Founding Team

Thorsten J Gorny

Thorsten J. Gorny

Co-founder & CEO

Héctor Alvarez

Co-founder & CTO

Jens Kettler

Co-founder & CPO

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