Crime Data API & Screening

Our crime and watchlist database covers more than 8,000 records from Interpol’s Red Notices and the FBI’s Most Wanted List. Come back often, as we’re always in the process of adding and updating watchlist and crime data.

Why for your crime and watchlist data? is a reliable crime and watchlist data partner who provides high quality data, reliable technology and all this with the right partnering Mindset. Try our API for free and see yourself.

Simple Integrations

Use our RESTful API, our Exporter Option or one of our pre-built integrations for SAP, BigID or API3.

Reliable Crime API

Our API including all backend systems are Enterprise Ready with 99.99% uptime - guaranteed.

Competitive Pricing is the most cost effective API for crime and watchlist data on the market.

A Heart for Developers

Extensive API documentation available on Swagger and our Knowledge Base. We also provide a full featured Sandbox environment for your testing.

Start-Up friendly

We know your pain & needs as a Start-Up. Our support and admin processes guarantee the responsiveness and flexibility you need.

Try before you buy

From a free sanctions check on our website, a sandbox environment where you can go wild to a personal free trial with real data - try us any way you like.